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If your company hasn't embraced the potential of AI, it's time to catch up. We specialize in leveraging AI to drive insights and efficiency.  Let us elevate your business with the power of AI.
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Custom development

Database to frontend, we create custom enterprise solutions using languages like Python, C#, VB, JAVA, etc. We use SQL Server and .NET to develop reliable programs for desktop, mobile, and web. 
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sharepoint expertise

Experience top-tier SharePoint services in St. Louis. We excel in custom development, admin, and automation. Contact us for SharePoint integration that elevates your business.
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"Host-Independent Email Automation Using Power Automate"

Discover how I use Power Automate to facilitate website email functionality across different website hosts, ensuring privacy and consistency.
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"Transforming Data into Insights"

Explore the power of Chat GPT-4 by OpenAI in this video. I demonstrate its ability to analyze sales data, create visualizations, manipulate CSV files, and even build custom GPTs. This versatile tool empowers data analysts with valuable insights and customized solutions for business optimization.
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This gentleman, Henrik Kniberg, gives what I consider the best (and easiest to understand!) explanation of AI as it stands today. Give it a watch and enjoy!